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Deeds: Our Faith in Action

Our programs and participation in our community bridges our faith to our deeds.

Guide For Life

Growing Together in Faith

Seeking Personal & Spiritual Growth

Personal and spiritual growth may be called humanity's ultimate goal. We offer multiple opportunities to explore many avenues to growth, from our Spiritual Growth Group to Sunday service and community volunteer opportunities.

Church Beyond Church

We're proof that Church is far more than just a building. Church is community, one including but extending far beyond your fellow parishioners. Church is a special place that you carry with you daily, like a flashlight to light up the darkness.

Areas Of Action

Spiritual Growth

Church School: Every Sunday from noon-1
Spiritual Growth Group: Join us every Tuesday night
Pastor’s Spiritual Growth Group: Every Wednesday night
Women’s Fellowship Retreat: Usually held every spring
Church-wide Retreat: Usually held every fall.
Church Chat: The Fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. Church Chat Details -->

Environmental Action

Sustainable Practices
Linen napkins, table clothes, dish towels
Mindful use of energy (LEED certified)
Member of GreenFaith
Member UCC Environmental (Check name)

Our Missions

Rutherford Food Pantry
Family Promise – food security for homeless families
Winter Warmup- Clothing distribution to homeless individuals
Angel Tree – Christmas gifts for low-income families
International Missions
Palestine women and children’s groups
Jamaica Orphanage

Civic Action

Police Accountability
Voting Rights
LGBTQ+ Youth Group, in partnership with the Bergen Council LGBTQ Alliance (BCLA)
Video nights:
Story of Stuff
The Meatrix

Spiritual Services

Music Ministry
Hospitality Team
First Sunday Communion
Worship Services & Worship Team:
Our worship team hopes to provide a worship experience that is EPIC. EPIC stands for Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich and Connective.
Read more about our EPIC approach -->

Community Involvement

Rutherford Community Calendar-->
Rutherford Chamber of Commerce Calendar-->
Creativity Workshops
Girl Scouts Conference
Middle School Prom Night
Rummage Sales
Support for Center for Hope & Safety
SERVE Project – Sustainable Consumer Buying
Movie Nights

A 95-year-old man and his wife hard at work worshipping God.

More Ways to worship

We offer and embrace many ways to worship and express our faith beyond our weekly Sunday service.

Worship by Study

Get closer to God by studying His word. The Bible teaches us how to worship and lift up the name of God so our lives can be changed through it.

Opportunities for Bible study with us include:
-Pastor's Bible Study on Zoom Tuesday nights
-Women’s Bible Study the second Monday of each month.

Worship by Good Deeds

Jesus said that He came to the world not to be served but to serve. He told us to follow His example by serving and loving others as well. Using God’s gifts and opportunities the way He wants us to are excellent ways to worship Him.

Opportunities to do Good Deeds with us include:
-Coat Drive
-Social Justice Ministry
-Clothing for the Homeless
-Food Pantry support
-Angel Tree

Worship by Prayer

Prayer is not just a way to send requests to God. It is the act of communicating with the Almighty. A fundamental element of this communication is praising and worshiping Him. We encourage you to explore prayer as part of your daily life.

Additional opportunities for Prayer with us include:
-Private Time in church
-Weeknight Spiritual Growth Groups
-Spiritual Retreats

Worship by Celebration

When we talk about praise and worship, we should also consider music. Sing praises to our Good Father with us, raise high the name of the Lord Jesus, and exalt the Spirit of God!

Celebrating God is also part of the milestone rituals we observe together, including:
-First Sunday Communion
-Weddings & Anniversaries
-Life Departures

Want to be a part of something greater than yourself?
Want to make a difference in the world?
Want to increase your spiritual life?
Want to connect with others?

Volunteer & Spiritual Opportunities

We offer a wide variety of both church and community programs you can volunteer for or join:

  • Rutherford Food Pantry (donate food)
  • Winter Warm-up (Clothing donations and distribution to people in need.)
  • Family Promise: Food preparation & serving 200 families twice per year.
  • Christmas Carols, Singing Telegrams
  • Angel Tree Project: Connecting and sharing with others in need.
  • Labyrinth Walk: Organizing spiritual labyrinth events
  • Creativity Workshop: Monthly gathering to explore various topics & creative expression
  • Spiritual Growth Group: Pastor led gathering (in-person & on zoom)
  • Women’s Bible Study & Book Club (weekly gatherings in person & on zoom)
  • Church School & Children’s Activities (Every Sunday & special trips & activities)
  • Women’s Fellowship Retreat
  • Church Wide Spiritual Retreat
  • Church Chat (Recurring on the Fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00pm) Facilitated by Kevin Spencer.  A fun and engaging way for persons interested in RCC to meet new and existing members, get to know one another and form relationships.

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